Finding the right Mammoth collection to suit you.

By choosing Mammoth, you’re already on your way to sleeping better than ever before.

All of our mattresses give great benefits such as falling asleep more quickly, sleeping more soundly, and ensuring you’re fully rested and ready for the day ahead, however, we do construct our mattresses in 2 different ways to suit your personal preference.

Do you prefer:

A mattress that moulds to your body shape a little more, with a little less bounce in it.

Contemporary Collection

Modern classics offering a whole new level of comfort.

Mammoth’s original range is made using layers of pure, unadulterated Medical Grade™ Foam throughout.

Developed using materials once reserved for the healthcare industry to deliver comfort and rejuvenation like no other, this range is perfect for sleepers who embrace modern technologies and the benefits innovation can bring throughout all aspects of our lives and wellbeing.

A mattress that returns to its shape quickly when you move around and has bit of bounce in it.

Traditional Collection

A blend of modern comforts with traditional pocket springs

The luxurious Mammoth Pocket mattresses are for those who enjoy the bounce, responsiveness, and support that traditional pocket springs are championed for.

However, these pocket mattresses are further enhanced by a generous layer of Mammoth’s pressure relieving Medical Grade™ Foam to give you the best of both worlds. The Traditional collection gives you the confidence to sleep through the night in unrivaled comfort.

Still not sure?

Book a test drive in one of our official Mammoth stockists and feel which is the best for you.

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